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On your iPhone 8 or earlier or iPod touch, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Press firmly or touch and hold the network settings card in the upper-left corner. Touch and hold the AirDrop button , then choose one of these options AirDrop does have its restrictions - it doesn't support messages and popular 3rd-party social apps such as iMessage or WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone. There are two solutions. If the sender's privacy is not of high concern and you want to share all the content, then you can forward your message and send it directly to your recipient via text or any third-party direct messaging app AirDrop can also be turned on in the iPhone Settings by going to General and then to AirDrop and turning on Receiving to Everyone. Now head to the iPhone from which you want to send long videos from iPhone to iPhone. Open the Photos app, go to the videos section, and select the videos to be transferred AirDrop is easiest: Tap Settings > General > AirDrop > Contacts Only or Everyone > find video and tap recipient to send. Next easiest is iCloud: Open Photos > select video > Share > Mail > compose email > tap Send > Use Mail Drop. Here are two quick ways to send large videos from an iPhone. The main methods are AirDrop and iCloud

On your iPhone 8 or earlier or iPod touch, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Press firmly or touch and hold the network settings card in the top-left corner. Touch and hold the AirDrop button , then choose one of these options: Receiving Off: You won't receive AirDrop requests. Contacts Only: Only your contacts can see your device To enable AirDrop, open the Control Center on your iPhone, and then press and hold the toggles section. Here, tap and hold AirDrop. Select Everyone and ask your friend to do the same on her iPhone

How to AIRDROP (Transfer Photos/Videos) from iPhone to Macbook & Vice Versa (STEP BY STEP) - YouTube. Watch later Once the AirDrop feature is setup on both devices, you can follow the steps below to transfer Photos, Videos and Files from iPhone to iPad. 1. Open Photos App on your iPhone > select photos that you want to AirDrop to iPad. 2 Pick the one you want to mirror to, enter the passcode if one appears on your television, then your iPhone's screen will appear on the TV. To stop mirroring, open Control Center again, tap the Screen Mirroring icon, then tap Stop Mirroring. Or, if you are mirroring to an Apple TV, just press the Menu button on the remote Turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on both devices; iPad and iPhone. Navigate to Control Center on your iPad and iPhone and then tap on AirDrop and select Everyone on both devices. Now, launch the Photos App on your iPad and select the videos for transfer. Then, tap on the Share button at the bottom of the panel To AirDrop photos from iPhone to iPhone, you just need to turn on AirDrop on both of the devices, and then you can freely transfer pictures from one iPhone to another. Besides, since AirDrop needs Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to work, you should make sure these services function properly on both of the devices, or you may encounter issues like AirDrop not working on your iPhone

How to use AirDrop on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

AirDrop: You can easily send Apple Photos, Files, or other content from one iPhone to another using AirDrop. We have a guide on how to use AirDrop on iPhones if you need help figuring out how to. How to 'AirDrop' from iPhone to a Windows PC. AirDrop isn't officially available on Windows. But there are numerous alternatives to Apple's acclaimed file -sharing service. In this post, we'll learn three different methods to transfer files from iPhone to a Windows computer. Using Snapdrop. Using Send Anywhere; Using Simple Transfer; Using Snapdro Open Photos app on your Mac. Connect your iPhone to your Mac with a USB cable. Click Import > Find and select photo videos you want to import. Click the Import Selected option to begin the process AirDrop from iPhone or iPad On your iPhone, open the app that you want to AirDrop from. To send a photo, for example, open Photos. Select the file or photo you want to send (you can select more.. Open the Control Center on your iPhone, long-press the Cellular icon, and set Personal Hotspot to Not Discoverable. Open Finder Window on Mac Sometimes, AirDrop will fail to kick into gear on your Mac unless you open an AirDrop window. To do that, simply bring up Finder and select AirDrop on the sidebar

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  1. Open the Photos app on your Mac. Select the picture (s) you want to send. Click the Share button > AirDrop. In the pop-up, click on your iPhone. While there's no specific limit to how many pictures you can transfer at one time using AirDrop, there are environmental factors that can cause a transfer to fail
  2. Method 1. iTransor Pro - Transfer 18 types of data from iPhone to Samsung. iMyFone iTransor Pro allows for seamless file transfer between iPhone and Samsung devices, without restrictions. Regardless of the file type of the data you would like to transfer, the iTransor Pro allows for the transfer of 18 types of data quickly and in the matter of a couple of clicks on each device
  3. Launch the software and connect your iPhone and PC via the USB or lightning cable. 3. Find File Manager from the interface and hit Videos option. 4
  4. The AirDrop feature help users quickly share photos, videos, contacts, Passbook passes, Voice Memos, Map location, and everything else that appears on a Share sheet between two iDevices.If you just get one new iPhone like the newest iPhone SE 2020, you may want to transfer some photos to it to set as the wallpaper and you can take advantage of AirDrop to make it so you come to this page to.

To enable AirDrop, open the Control Center on your iPhone, and then press and hold the toggles section. Here, tap and hold AirDrop. Select Everyone and ask your friend to do the same on her iPhone. Now, open the Photos app on your iPhone and navigate to the album with the photos you want to share Turn on AirDrop on iPhone. 1. Open Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the iPhone screen. 2. Turn on AirDrop: Press and hold on the wireless control box > Tap AirDrop and choose Contacts Only, or Everyone. Note: If you choose Contacts Only, only your contacts can see your device. If you choose Everyone, all nearby Apple. The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have the ability to shoot at a 4K resolution, which means that these videos will have 4x times more pixels than a normal Full HD video. However, even if we all agree that shooting 4K videos is great, those files start to get really, really big. So big that sharing 4K videos isn't as simple as we would like

AirDrop allows you to quickly and easily send links, photos, files, and more content between nearby iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Just open up the Share panel and tap a nearby device. This works a bit like Android Beam on Android phones and tablets. However, it all works wirelessly over Bluetooth with no NFC contact required Way 2. Send a Video that is too Long Using Google Drive (Gmail) Step 1. Download, install and open the Google Drive on your iPhone. Step 2. Click the + icon after entering the App and continue to choose Upload. Step 3. Select the option Photos and Videos and choose a long video file that you want to send. Step 4 Part 1: How to AirDrop contacts from iPhone to iPhone By using AirDrop, you are allowed to transfer contacts between different Apple devices under the wireless connection. However, the drawback of it is that you must transfer the contacts one by one, which seems to be a troublesome work to transfer one contact at a time if you have hundreds of contacts needed to airdrop from your old device AirDrop is a feature that allows Apple device users to send and receive photos, documents, and other files to a nearby iPhone or other compatible Apple devices without using cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity. The feature requires that both parties have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi turned on. That's because AirDrop relies on Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) to broadcast and find nearby connections, and. For iPhone, AirDrop will only work on devices running iOS 7 or newer. Macbooks, on the other hand, must be running the OS X Yosemite or newer to use AirDrop

To learn how to get videos from iPhone to iPad via iCloud, the following steps can be taken. Step 1: Enable Video Sync on iPhone. To start with, you need to sync your videos to your iCloud account from iPhone. Just unlock your iPhone and go to its iCloud Settings to see how much space is occupied on iCloud Sending big video files online can be tricky, especially when you get the dreaded message, size limit reached cannot send video. Learn to send large files through the mail app of your choice.I will teach you how to AirDrop videos, compress videos on your iPhone, and even how to send larger than 25 MB files in Gmail

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Hur fungerar det? AirDrop skapar ett P2P-nätverk mellan enheterna genom att använda bluetooth. P2P, eller peer-to-peer, är en slags wifi-uppkoppling mellan endast enheterna som mottar och skickar. Ingen internetuppkoppling som 4G eller annan wifi-anslutning används för överföringen You need to turn on AirDrop on both the sending and receiving iPhone. Step 2: Open the Music app on your sending iPhone and go to the song you want to share. Tap the three-dots icon for more options. Step 3: Tap the Share icon from the pop-up window An iPhone can only AirDrop to a Mac introduced in 2012 or later (the 2012 Mac Pro is an exception). Additionally, your Mac should run at least OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Open the Apple menu and select About This Mac to check your Mac's model and operating system version AirDrop uses a combination of both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to transmit files, so your iPhone, iPad, or Mac have to be within about 30 feet of each other. Here's everything you need to know about. This could be a photo transferred from your iPhone to Mac, an entire folder of documents moved between two Macs, or video sent from your iPhone to your friend's. AirDrop works using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so the two devices need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network and also within Bluetooth range (about 30 feet) of each other

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AirDrop is a quick and easy way to send photos and video, and copy files, PDF, or other file types from your iPhone to your Mac, your Mac to your iPhone, from your iPhone to a friend's iPhone, or. Fix AirDrop Transfer Failure on iPhone. For starters, AirDrop uses WiFi and Bluetooth to establish a connection between your iPhone and Mac or any Apple device for that matter. Now, while sending large files, your iPhone may go into sleep, causing the transfer to fail or halt in midway

How to use AirDrop on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Nearly every day, I use AirDrop to transfer screenshots from my iPhone to my Mac for articles and 99% of the time, it works flawlessly. Occasionally, however, AirDrop refuses to work on my iPhone. In this article, I'm going to show you how to use AirDrop on iPhone and Mac and walk you through how to fix AirDrop when it isn't working Pull down the control panel shade on an iPhone X, iPhone XS, or iPhone XS Max (or upon the iPhone 8 or older) Press and hold the box with the Wi-Fi and cellular networks in it. Press and hold the AirDrop option. Choose Receiving Off or Contacts Only.. AirDrop Issue AirDrop Off apple Apple Feature iPhone iPhone AirDrop 2021-04-24 Even though AirDrop was launched by Apple on iOS and Mac long ago, it is less known among the iPhone users. AirDrop is a handy feature to share your content instantly with other iOS devices or Mac. With AirDrop, you can send high-resolution images without compromising the quality, large video files and even share WiFi password with iOS and Mac users

For iPhone, pictures and videos sent by Airdrop are saved in the Photos app. Otherwise, where Airdrop files are saved on iPhone is based on the type and app the user wishes to open the file with. Once you understand where different file types are saved throughout the iPhone, using Airdrop can become a breeze and a major convenience over traditional methods such as e-mail and text messaging Because AirDrop shows your picture for any and all contacts, if you're trying to AirDrop to someone with multiple devices, you could see their picture multiple times in the Sheet. You will see their device name, however, which should make sure you pick the right one.. How to troubleshoot AirDrop on iPhone and iPhone. If contacts don't show up in the AirDrop interface, try these solutions, in.

ShutterstockWhere AirDrop files go on your iPhone will depend on what type of file they are.When you accept AirDrop files on your iPhone, they will go to th Part 2. How to Share Music on iPhone with FonePaw DoTrans (Video Tutorial Included) Part 3. How to Share Music on iPhone with Family Sharing Part 1: How to Transfer Songs from iPhone to iPhone Using AirDrop. AirDrop is an ad-hoc service allowing data transfer between iOS devices like songs, photos, videos, and so on

How to Share Photos and Videos From Your iPhon

AirDrop Device Compatibility. iPhone and iPad: To use AirDrop on iOS, you'll need an iPhone 5 or later, iPad 4 or later, iPad mini, or fifth-generation iPod touch. Mac: All Mac models released in. Using AirDrop to share files can be more effective if you have a large video, or a high number of files, that you want to send to someone else. AirDrop sharing is fast and easy, and turning it on requires only a few steps. However, the way to turn on AirDrop on your iPhone is not something that is very intuitive if you haven't done it before.

How to AIRDROP (Transfer Photos/Videos) from iPhone to

2. Get Videos from iPhone to Windows PC (3 Ways) How do I transfer videos from iPhone to Windows computer? Similar to transferring photos from iPhone to a laptop, you can do the same with video recordings.Here we will share with you 3 ways to copy iPhone videos to your Windows PC (Windows 10/8/7): with the built-in Photos app, with Windows File Explorer, and AutoPlay AirDrop is available on iPhone X/8/7/6/6s/5, iPad 4th generation and later, iPod Touch 5th generation running iOS 7 or later, and Mac computer released after 2012 installed macOS 11. 2. When sharing content through AirDrop, you have to turn on both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and both devices are kept within 10 meters If you're an iPhone user, there is: AirDrop. Baked into iOS, AirDrop makes it extremely simple to share photos with other nearby iDevice users. But what's really surprising is how few people seem. AirDrop actually uses Bluetooth to create a WiFi network between two Apple devices. So, in order to use AirDrop, you have to have two Apple devices that are within Bluetooth range, which is about 30 feet, according to Apple. Both devices will also need to have Bluetooth and WiFi turned on, and AirDrop enabled. How to Turn On AirDrop on an iPhone

How to AirDrop From iPhone to iPad (Files, Photos, Videos

The AirDrop feature is often the quickest way to transfer content between iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac.And beyond sharing images and documents, users can also AirDrop website links, passes. Learn how to use Airdrop on your iPhone 5s. You can share content such as photos and links using AirDrop on iOS 7. Here's what you need to know to get started. AirDrop may sound familiar to OS X users, as it's already implemented on Macs and allows users to drag and drop files to share with other Mac users on the same network While Apple's AirDrop is a useful tool, not all users will want their iPhone to have it switched on all of the time. AirDrop allows users to share photos, documents, and other files between Apple devices that are in close proximity to each other. It works with iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, and Mac computers. To transfer a file using AirDrop, two users need to be close to each other with Wi-Fi.

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  1. In this article we will give a complete guide on how to AirDrop from Mac to iPhone, iPhone to Mac or Airdrop iPhone in order to transfer files among different Apple devices. If you have trouble in using AirDrop to share files between Mac and iPhone, we will also recommend the best alternative to AirDrop
  2. What can you share using Airdrop? AirDrop can be used to transfer files of any type and size between two Apple devices. You can share pictures, videos, notes, voice memos, documents, links, contacts, Map locations, directions, and any other file that is available on your Mac or iPhone
  3. Tap the AirDrop Receiving button. It will bring up a menu of AirDrop discovery options. Select Everyone. This option will let anybody with AirDrop to share files with you over Bluetooth. If the person you'll be receiving files from is in your contacts, you can select Contacts Only. Open your iPhone or iPad's Photos
  4. How to fix AirDrop connection issues on iPhone, iPad, or Mac. One of the most convenient features for Apple users is AirDrop, which lets you send media, links, and documents via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to devices within a certain range. Most newer Apple devices already... How to Use Spotify's New Features
  5. Samma som AirDrop på iPhone / iPad, ger AirDrop på Mac du också två alternativ, endast kontakter och alla. För att aktivera AirDrop endast för kontakter, se till att du och personen du vill använda AirDrop har loggat in iCloud och varit i varandras kontakter. 1. Starta Finder på din Mac
  6. Kontrollera Wi-Fi och Bluetooth. Slå på Wi-Fi och Bluetooth för iPhone, Mac och andra iOS-enheter som du vill dela filerna. Se till att enheterna är inom 30 fot från varandra, flytta enheten vid behov närmare varandra. Det rekommenderas att använda samma Wi-Fi-nätverk för enheterna för att AirDrop ska fungera

วิธีใช้งาน AirDrop ส่งรูป รายชื่อและแผนที่ระยะใกล้ระหว่าง iPhone, iPad, Mac ส่งรูปได้เร็วไม่ต้องพึ่งเน็ตและความละเอียดไม่ล AirDrop from an iPhone to a Mac. With everything good to go, here's how to send a file from your iPhone to a Mac. Step 1: Find the item that you want to send to a Mac. Step 2: Tap the Share. Complete guide for Apple's iPhone, Mac, iPad and iPod. Learn how to AirDrop on all devices with step by step instructions and screenshots

How to Transfer Videos from iPad to iPhone with 4 Easy Way

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  1. Anyways, it's sad to know that many iPhone users today don't know how to turn off AirDrop on an iPhone for iOS 14. As a result, we've covered all the necessary solutions that'll enable you to stop AirDrop on iOS 14. Let's take a look at how you can turn off AirDrop on iOS 14 via settings Using and control center
  2. Question: Q: Airdrop Iphone to laptop. Can I airdrop a video taken on my iPhone to my HP laptop? More Less. Windows, 10 Posted on Feb 12, 2019 12:29 PM Reply I.
  3. To do this on an iPhone or an iPad, click Settings > General. From there, tap AirDrop > Receiving Off. On MacOS, you can turn off AirDrop by clicking to the Control Center next to the date and.
  4. utes of video recorded on an iPhone. Even at the phone's lower 720p HD setting, Apple.
  5. 2020.10.27 07:33 pathwinsoftware Add Videos To Iphone Video Player Via Itunes Sync submitted by pathwinsoftware to cnx_player [link] [comments] 2020.10.19 06:39 pathwinsoftware Transfer & Play Videos form PC to iPhone/iPad (Airdrop iTunes Sync File Sharing Wifi Transfer
  6. AirDrop has a range of approximately 30 feet (9 meters), according to Apple. You also need a semi-recent Mac (2012 or later) and iOS 7 or later on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to transfer files.
  7. Then your can follow the guide to share iPhone data to Mac using AirDrop. Step 1. You'll have to set up your Mac device to receive files via AirDrop. Go to the Finder menu on your Mac device. Click on the AirDrop option on the navigation pane located at the left side. Step 2

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Step 2. On your iPhone, launch the Control Center. Then tap on Airdrop and choose receive from everyone or from your contacts list. Step 3. Your Mac will be displayed on the Airdrop list on the iPhone. Step 4. Now, you can select the files and tap Share option to continue the process. Choose your Mac in the pop-up and wait for the start of. Folks, do you have an iPhone and want to transfer/sync your Photos to another iDevice?. Using Airdrop, you can transfer all your photos to another iDevice, especially an iPad. This post explains the processes involved. It is a pretty easy and quick proces AirDrop is the fastest and most convenient way to wirelessly send files from an iPhone or iPad to a Mac. While AirDropping from iOS to Mac OS is easy, how it works may not be particularly obvious to some users, and many people don't know the feature exists at all How to turn off AirDrop on an iPhone via the Control Centre 1. On an iPhone X or later, swipe down from the upper right corner of the screen to open the Control Centre

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Part 1: How to Airdrop Photos from iPhone to Mac with AirDrop. AirDrop is actually a useful tool to transfer files from iPhone to Mac. This tool can be taken advantage to share almost all kinds of files by communicating with other devices over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth AirDrop creates an ad-hoc network between Mac and iPhone to share files. With the help of AirDrop, one can not only send photos, websites, locations and much more to the nearby iPhone and iPad wirelessly, but also transfer videos from Mac to iPhone. There are certain requirements to use AirDrop in iPhone and Mac, check them out To set up the share from an iPhone to a Mac do the following -. Turn on AirDrop on your iPhone. Swipe up on Control Centre, tap on AirDrop and choose Contacts Only or Everyone (choosing Everyone is recommended to increase your chances of it working) Ensure that you have an AirDrop Finder window open on your Mac Sexual harassment goes high tech with iPhone's AirDrop. Without the proper settings, iPhone users can receive lewd and threatening messages from strangers, which can be triggering for survivors of. You've definitely seen the Airdrop icon on your iPhone or iPad. You've probably heard a friend offer to Airdrop something to someone else. But do you actually know what this mysterious sharing.

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What is Airdrop? The Apple feature lets you instantly transfer whatever files you want from your Mac or iPhone device to another nearby device. Here's how to turn on Airdrop, how it works, and how. AirDrop, Apple's proximity-based, built-in file sharing feature and home to teen meme exchanges, is getting an upgrade with the new iPhones. At Apple's iPhone press event on Tuesday, the. AirDrop is only available on iPhone 5 or later (e.g., iPhone 5S and 5C), iPad fourth generation and newer, iPad mini and iPod Touch fifth generation and newer. This means that, for instance, if you own an iPhone 4S, or iPad 2, then your device(s) will not have AirDrop. AirDrop supports only iOS 7 and above devices

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  1. As a feature-packed iPhone video processing toolbox, VideoProc, on one side, offers 420+ output formats to convert any video to iPhone Xs Max/Xs/XR/8/7/Plus, Galaxy S9 edge, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Sony, Google Pixel, game consoles with best quality reserved (High Quality Engine), on the other side, allows you to trim, split, rotate, flip & mirror a video, crop, merge, deshake, denoise, correct.
  2. How To AirDrop Between Apple Devices. To begin AirDropping from iPhone to Mac simply go to the photo album and select a photo or video to share. After selecting, click share and a list of devices to AirDrop to will be visible. If the user's Mac is not listed give it time, as it can take a moment for the phone to find a device to AirDrop to
  3. How to AirDrop passwords between nearby iPhone, iPad and Mac devices Christian Zibreg / November 6, 2018 iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 Mojave have brought out a cool new feature allowing you to wirelessly send a saved website or app password from one iPhone, iPad or Mac to another nearby device using AirDrop, Apple's proprietary peer-to-peer file transfer feature
  4. When AirDrop is turned on it is constantly checking for nearby iOS 7 devices with whom you could share files. It's a great way to send a photo or video, but it is not something that every iOS 7 device user will need. So follow our steps below to learn how to turn off AirDrop on your iPhone 5 that is running iOS 7. Turn Off AirDrop on an iPhone
  5. While your iPhone is a perfect device for taking beautiful pictures, it's more convenient to view and edit photos on your iPad. Let's see how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPad in two easy ways. AirDrop not working? Share photos with FileDrop! Your iPhone and iPad have a built-in AirDrop feature to share files with nearby devices
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How to Use AirDrop on the iPhone in iOS 7 (Video) | One of the new features that Apple has added to the iPhone in iOS 7 is Airdrop. It's safe to assume that they added this in order to compete with Androi Hoặc chọn AirDrop từ cột menu trái trong cửa sổ Finder như hình dưới. - Nhấp vào Cho phép tôi khám phá (Allow me to be discovered) và chọn Mọi người (Everyone) . 3 Cách sử dụng AirDrop trên iPhone và MacBook Các sử dụng AirDrop trên iPhone, iPa AirDrop is a proprietary ad hoc service in Apple Inc.'s iOS and macOS operating systems, introduced in Mac OS X Lion (Mac OS X 10.7) and iOS 7, which can transfer files among supported Macintosh computers and iOS devices by means of close-range wireless communication.. Prior to OS X Yosemite (OS X 10.10), and under OS X Lion, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks (OS X 10.7-10.9, respectively) the. Sebagai contoh di perangkat iOS, kamu bisa akses aplikasi Photos dan pilih mode Share. Tekan tombol AirDrop dan pilih iPhone atau Mac yang ada dalam jarak dekat untuk mengirimkan dokumen foto dan video tersebut.. Berbeda dengan mode unggah foto atau video ke sosial media atau aplikasi chat, dokumen yang dikirimkan lewat AirDrop tidak mengalami kompresi atau kehilangan metadata yang dimiliki If AirDrop doesn't appear in the Sidebar, open Finder's Preferences and check the AirDrop icon How to use AirDrop Step 1: turn on Wi-Fi. Make sure you enable WiFi on your iPhone and your Mac.. Note that they don't have to be on the same WiFi network, but our readers report more consistent results when both the iDevice and the Mac are on the same network-for dual-band (or tri-band. I am running iOS 9.1 (13B143) on an iPhone 6s Plus and OS X 10.11.1 (15B42) on a MacBook Pro. Both devices have Airdrop settings of Allow me to be discovered by: Everyone How can this be debugged

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