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A p orbital lies along a particular axis: x, y or z. The three p orbitals on nitrogen are all mutually perpendicular (or orthogonal) to each other. That situation is in contrast to s orbitals, which are spherical and thus look the same from any direction. We first need to define one axis as lying along the N-N bond The p orbital is a dumbbell-shaped or lobed region describing where an electron can be found, within a certain degree of probability. The node of the dumbbell occurs at the a tomic nucleus , so the probability of finding an electron in the nucleus is very low (but not zero)

p-orbitaler För värden av huvudkvanttalet större eller lika med 2 finns tre olika p-orbitaler. Dessa kan skrivas som en produkt av en radiell funktion och klotytefunktioner som beror på två riktningsvinklar P Orbital: P orbital is an atomic orbital that has a dumbbell shape. Energy Level. S Orbital: S orbitals have the lowest energy levels. P Orbital: P orbitals have a higher energy than s orbitals. Angular Nodes. S Orbital: s orbitals have no angular nodes. P Orbital: p orbitals have angular nodes. Maximum Number of Electron p ORBITALS. Not all electrons inhabit s orbitals. At the first energy level, the only orbital available to electrons is the 1s orbital. However, at the second level, there are also orbitals called 2p orbitals in addition to the 2s orbital. Unlike an s orbital, a p orbital points in a particular direction Huvudskillnad - S Orbital vs P Orbital. En atom består av elektroner som är i kontinuerlig rörelse i vilken riktning som helst runt kärnan. Eftersom de är i rörelse runt kärnan, kan vi inte bestämma den exakta positionen för den elektronen vid ett givet tillfälle

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  1. En förenklad bild för att beskriva dessa orbitaler, är att säga att elektronerna successivt fylls på i olika elektronskal som i sin tur byggs upp av underskal. Som grundregel fylls ett skal eller underskal innan ett nytt påbörjas, men undantag förekommer. Väte som har atomnummer 1. Syre som har atomnummer 8
  2. The p sub shell can hold a maximum of six electrons as there are three orbitals within this sub shell. The three p orbitals are at right angles to each other and have a lobed shape. The size of the p orbitals also increases as the energy level or shell increases. Explore other atomic orbitals
  3. us 1, we're dealing with a p x or a p y orbital
  4. In chemical bonding: Quantum numbers consists of three orbitals, called p orbitals; and a d subshell (l = 2) consists of five orbitals, called d orbitals. The individual orbitals are labeled with the magnetic quantum number, ml, which can take the 2 l + 1 values l, l − 1 − l. The orbital occupied in th
  5. The atomic orbital is a complex mathematical function called a wave function, which decides the energy, angular momentum, and location of an electron. A better way to define the atomic orbital is the space around the nucleus which has a high probability of finding the electron
  6. In chemistry, a conjugated system is a system of connected p orbitals with delocalized electrons in a molecule, which in general lowers the overall energy of the molecule and increases stability. It is conventionally represented as having alternating single and multiple bonds. Lone pairs, radicals or carbenium ions may be part of the system, which may be cyclic, acyclic, linear or mixed. The term conjugated was coined in 1899 by the German chemist Johannes Thiele. Conjugation is.
  7. Each p-orbital consists of two lobes symmetrical about a particular axis. Depending upon the orientation of the lobes, these are denoted as 2px, 2py and 2pz accordingly as they are symmetrical about X,Y and Z - axis respectively. The lines in the figure represents the cross-section of the three dimensional boundary surface of p-orbitals

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  1. Definition of p orbital. : the orbital of an electron shell in an atom in which the electrons have the second lowest energy
  2. A p orbital is shaped like 2 identical balloons tied together at the nucleus. The orbital shows where there is a 95% chance of finding a particular electron. Imagine a horizontal plane through the nucleus, with one lobe of the orbital above the plane and the other beneath it; there is a zero probability of finding the electron on that plane
  3. p-Orbital: principal = hantelförmig: 000 3: d-Orbital: diffuse = gekreuzte Doppelhantel: 0 5 f-Orbital: fundamental = rosettenförmig: 0 7 g-Orbital (alphabetische Fortsetzung) = rosettenförmig: 0 9 h-Orbital (alphabetische Fortsetzung) = rosettenförmig: 11 Anmerkungen: A1.
  4. This video p-Orbital is part of the Lecturio course Chemistry WATCH the complete course on http://lectur.io/porbital LEARN ABOUT: - Three different t..
  5. s and p orbitals, orbitais s e p - YouTube. s and p orbitals, orbitais s e p. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your.

The orbital of p behaves as a dumbbell-a circular shape split in half like the orbital of s. Specific protons also rotate like the atomic nucleus spins. During a rotation, three protons coordinate two times: 90 ° and 270 ° Each of the four sub-levels has a particular form or field where it is possible to locate electrons There are three p orbitals per shell starting with the second electron shell. Each p orbital is a pair of lobes along one of the three axes (x, y, and z). The p stands for principal. These orbitals are particularly associated with the chemistry of the main group elements. I like it! The following is a P x orbital A p orbital consists of two lobes of electron density on either side of the nucleus. We usually draw p orbitals as figure eights, but we should remember p orbitals are really much fatter than in our usual drawings. Four of the five d orbitals consist of four lobes pointed towards the corners of a square, like a four-leaf clover P Orbitals . Download English-US transcript (PDF) The following content is provided by MIT OpenCourseWare under a Creative Commons license. Additional information about our license and MIT OpenCourseWare in general is available at ocw.mit.edu. All right

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  1. Energy level ( Shell) comprises sub energy levels( sub shells) and the subshell is further composed of orbitals (sub_subshells)An orbital is a region where there is the most probability of residing of electrons. Now! 2p is an orbital that lies in..
  2. Each p orbital consists of two sections better known as lobes which lie on either side of the plane passing through the nucleus. The three p orbitals differ in the way the lobes are oriented whereas they are identical in terms of size shape and energy
  3. energy of isolated p orbitals bond order of a pi bond = (2) - (0) 2 = 1 bond 2pb π∗ = 2pa - 2pb = antibonding MO = LCAO = linear combination of atomic orbitals ∆E = bond energy There is a big energy advantage for a pi bond over two isolated p orbitals. Overlap is above and below the bond axis, not directly between the bonded atoms
  4. Firstly, Orbitals are areas within atoms where there is a high probability of finding electrons. The reason why we don't know the exact location of the electron is because of Heisenburg's Uncertainty Principle (simply, it means that we can't know.
  5. The 2p orbital or wavefunction is positive in value on one side and negative in value on the other side of a plane which is perpendicular to the axis of the orbital and passes through the nucleus. The orbital has a node in this plane, and consequently an electron in a 2 p orbital does not place any electronic charge density at the nucleus
  6. p orbital: An atomic orbital having two orbital lobes, and an orbital node at the nucleus. Labeled according to the parallel Cartesian coordinates axis: the p x atomic orbital lies along the x-axis, p y lies along the y-axis, and p z lies along the z-axis
  7. However, it is seen that sigma bonds can be formed by the overlapping of both the s and p orbitals and not just s orbital. You may have noticed that in order to understand these definitions it is obvious that we must know what an s and p orbital is. Please click here to learn more about Atomic Orbitals if you are unfamiliar with the concept

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The three -orbitals for a given value of are described by the values ; gives the orbital. The angular functions for are complex and depend on , , or both. Pairwise linear combinations of complex spherical harmonics yield real functions, which can be plotted as boundary surfaces. For and , for example, we have. and Orbital mechanics, also called flight mechanics, is the study of the motions of artificial satellites and space vehicles moving under the influence of forces such as gravity, atmospheric drag, thrust, etc. Orbital mechanics is a modern offshoot of celestial mechanics which is the study of the motions of natural celestial bodies such as the moon and planets The antibonding $\ce{sp}$ orbital on each nitrogen also interact in the same manner to create 2 antibonding sigma molecular orbitals ($\ce{2\sigma _{g}}$ and $\ce{2\sigma _{u}}$) Now for pi bonds, The remaining two p atomic orbitals on each nitrogen are orthogonal to the s and $\ce{p_{z}}$ orbital - they can't mix with those orbitals

Orbital ATK's Defense Systems Group is an industry leader in providing innovative and affordable precision and strike weapons, advanced propulsion and hypersonics, missile components across air-, sea- and land-based systems, ammunition and related energetic products. Orbital ATK specializes in innovating low-cost, highly reliable and precise. For a carbon with 1 double bond and 2 single bonds, the orbitals will become 33% s and 66.7% p making it sp2. If there is a triple bond and a single bond, the orbitals will adjust again to become 50% s and 50% p. So to summarize - You can find sp3 bonding when a carbon has 4 single bonds As shown in Table 2, the p-orbital configurations for the Ch ligands are as follows: 4.39, 3.86, and 3.79 for O, S, and Se, respectively Check 'p orbital' translations into Irish. Look through examples of p orbital translation in sentences, listen to pronunciation and learn grammar

Orbital angular momentum of light and the transformation of Laguerre-Gaussian laser modes L. Allen, M. W. Beijersbergen, R. J. C. Spreeuw, and J. P. Woerdman Phys. Rev. A 45, 8185 - Published 1 June 1992 See Feature: 50 Years of Physical Review A: The Legacy of Three Classic With 39 combined years of professional service experience utilizing the methodologies set forth by the Project Management Institute, Orbital Project Management, LLC stands as a first-class business poised to move the energy and utility industry into the future. With an increase in projects to save more energy, move more people and advance more. orbital s có dạng hình cầu, tâm là hạt nhân nguyên tử. orbital p gồm 3 orbital px, py và pz có dạng hình số 8 nổi. Mỗi orbital có sự định hướng khác nhau trong không gian, chẳng hạn như orbital px định hướng theo trục x, orbital py định hướng theo trục y,.. In picture 1 we show the molecular orbital structure of F2. In picture 2 we show the overlapping p orbitals, which form the bond between the two fl uorine atoms, in red and green gradients. The dashed lines show the remaining p orbitals which do not take part in the bonding. σ z y x σ* x y z Construct the molecular orbital diagram for. Fred Senese of Antoine Frostburg explains: You might expect that the 's' stands for 'spherical' and 'p' stands for 'polar' because these imply the shapes of the s and p orbitals, but unfortunately, the letter designations have nothing to do with..

Bentuk Orbital (s, p, d dan f) Setiap subkulit disusun oleh satu atau lebih orbital dan setiap orbital mempunyai bentuk tertentu. Adapun bentuk oebital di tentukan oleh bilangan kuantum azimut.Perhatikan gambar bentuk-bentuk orbital berdasarkan harga l (bilangan kuantum azimut) The s and p orbitals give a total of only 4 hybridized orbitals (one s + 3p) so we will now add one d orbital to the mix. Since sulfur is in Period 3 (n = 3), it will have five d orbitals. Mixing one of the d orbitals with the other four atomic orbitals ( s and three p ) will give a hybridization called dsp 3 , which provides five equivalent molecular orbitals

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  1. The p orbital by itself doesn't work because both lobes are part of the same orbital, so can only accommodate one pair of electrons. In two bonds there are two pairs of electrons to accommodate. In this example we will combine the 2s orbital with the 2p x orbital
  2. Visualizing Electron Orbitals. Rough sketches of the electron density for the first three shells of the hydrogen atom can give an impression of the constraints that govern the buildup of the periodic table.The limits on the occupation of the subshells arise from the quantum numbers for the atomic electrons and their relationship to each other. These sketches arise from the hydrogen.
  3. High-Resolution Molecular Orbital Imaging Using a p-Wave STM Tip Leo Gross, Nikolaj Moll, Fabian Mohn, Alessandro Curioni, Gerhard Meyer, Felix Hanke, and Mats Persson Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 086101 - Published 15 August 2011 See Viewpoint: Visualizing quantum mechanic
  4. The probability of finding an electron at a given distance from the nucleus is. P = 4πr²ψ² = 4πr²k²e^ (-2r) ∝ r²e^ (-r) Notice that P → 0 when r → 0 and when r → ∞. But there is some distance (r) from the nucleus at which the probability of finding an electron is the greatest. This is just what we know about 1s orbitals
  5. Using the Molecular Orbital Model to Explain Why Some Molecules Do Not Exist. This molecular orbital model can be used to explain why He 2 molecules don't exist. Combining a pair of helium atoms with 1s 2 electron configurations would produce a molecule with a pair of electrons in both the bonding and the * antibonding molecular orbitals. The total energy of an He 2 molecule would be.
  6. How many nodal planes does a p orbital have? How many does a d orbital have? Hurry, space in our FREE summer bootcamps is running out. Claim your spot here

Natural Orbitals (NOs) are the unique orbitals chosen by the wavefunction itself as optimal for its own description. Mathematically, the NOs {Θ. i. } of a wavefunction Ψ can be defined [1] as the eigen orbitals of the first-order reduced density operator Γ , (1) Γ Θ k = pk Θ k ( k = 1,2,...) In this equation, the eigenvalue pk represents. SpaceX outlines first orbital Starship test flight. by Jeff Foust — May 14, 2021. The first commercial Starship/Super Heavy mission will likely carry a telecommunications satellite. Credit. Orbitals are regions within an atom that the electron will most likely occupy. Each subshell has a specific number of orbitals: s = 1 orbital, p = 3 orbitals, d = 5 orbitals, and f = 7 orbitals.

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Orbital Energy stock trades a NTM EV-to-sales multiple of 2.35x. The multiples are higher than the 1.10x that they have averaged since OEG listed. However, they are below the 4.09x that they hit. s orbital (l=0, m=0) Chem 104A, UC, Berkeley H 1s orbital: ) 2 1 100 (2 )( e r r 100 1 , , , ( ), ( , ) n l ml n l l ml R r Y MT: pp22 Chem 104A, UC, Berkeley Probability Density e r P r 2 2 100 r 2 100 1 This probability function gives the probability of finding the electron at any point in space

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Orbital p La forma xeométrica de los orbitales p ye la de dos esferes achataes haza'l puntu de contautu (el nucleu atómicu) y orientaes según les exes de coordenaes. En función de los valores que pue tomar el tercer númberu cuánticu m l (-1, 0 y 1), obtiénense los tres orbitales p simétricos respeuto a les exes x , z ya y Orbitaly p [upravit | editovat zdroj] Existují tři orbitaly 2p, které všechny mají tvar činky. Elektron na hladině p může volit mezi třemi orbitaly 2p, které se označují 2px, 2py a 2pz podle osy souřadnic, v jejímž směru je orbital orientován. Orbitaly 2p jsou rotačně symetrické Orbital p. La forma geomètrica dels orbitals p és la de dues esferes aplatades cap al punt de contacte, el qual és el nucli atòmic, i orientades segons els eixos de coordenades. En funció dels valors que pot prendre el tercer nombre quàntic m l (-1, 0 i 1), s'obtenen els tres orbitals p simètrics respecte als eixos x, z i y Orbital atom adalah sebuah fungsi matematika yang menggambarkan perilaku sebuah elektron ataupun sepasang elektron bak-gelombang dalam sebuah atom. Fungsi ini dapat digunakan untuk menghitung probabilitas penemuan elektron dalam sebuah atom pada daerah spesifik mana pun di sekeliling inti atom. Dari fungsi inilah kita dapat menggambarkan sebuah grafik tiga dimensi yang menunjukkan.

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Orbital có nhiều nghĩa: . Khoa học. Orbital là khái niệm được nhắc đến trong cơ học lượng tử nhằm thay thế khái niệm quỹ đạo trong cơ học cổ điển hay trong mô hình sơ khai về nguyên tử.Orbital miêu tả hình dáng của phân bố xác suất tìm thấy electron trong nguyên tử.Các electron quay quanh hạt nhân, với các mẫu. SpaceX launched its first dedicated rideshare mission, Transporter-1, on Jan. 24, 2021. In early 2022, another rideshare mission is expected to include the DOGE-1 CubeSat. Credit: Theresa Cross / Spaceflight Insider Last month, Geometric Energy Corporation announced the first mission to the Moon paid entirely with the Dogecoin cryptocurrency The p orbital can hold up to six electrons. We'll put six in the 2p orbital and then put the next two electrons in the 3s. Since the 3s if now full we'll move to the 3p where we'll place the remaining three electrons. Therefore the Phosphorus electron configuration will be 1s 2 2s 2 2p 6 3s 2 3p 3 in p-orbitals each orbital first receives on electron before it can receive a second electron. Wolfgang Pauli. Pauli postulated that two electrons in one orbital must have opposite spin in order to prevent them from repelling one another. Together they developed the aufbau principl

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How many nodal planes does a p orbital have? How many does a d orbital have? Hurry, space in our FREE summer bootcamps is running out. Claim your spot here In the above diagram, the boxes refer to elements and not to orbitals directly. For example, the oxygen atom, which contains four electrons in 2p orbitals, is placed in the fourth box in the 2p. group.. If you think about it, this table provides a beautiful view of how the arrangement of the periodic table is a direct consequence of the number of orbitals of each type and their relative energies Write the orbital notation for any element by using the information on the periodic table to determine the number of electrons in each orbital. Orbitals are represented by the letters s, p, d and f. Locate the element on the periodic tabl

Roland Coelho and Alex Chin, students at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, Calif., bolt an adapter plate to the bottom of the Poly Picosatellite Orbital Deployer (P-POD) to prepare the spacecraft for NanoSail-D vibration testing at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. NanoSail-D is snugly housed in the P-POD, a commercially available satellite deployer. The latest Tweets from ∞ (@p_orbital_). 年齢:教えません 性別:教えません 呼び方:なんでもいいです 自己紹介:しませ UNDERSTANDABLE VERSION- See boy... If you are in class 11th then don't look for stuff like this. It hasn't been explained for a good reason. I will explain it to you in very crude terms but not its role in MOT as you wont be able to understand and..

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Entangled quantum states are not separable, regardless of the spatial separation of their components. This is a manifestation of an aspect of quantum mechanics known as quantum non-locality1,2. An. Tel: 219 401 019 : Ficha Técnica: e-mail: orbital@orbital.ptorbital@orbital.p orbital diagram (orbital box diagram) : 1s box has 2 arrows (as per helium above), 2s box has 2 arrows as per boron above, but now we see that there are 3 orbitals that make up the p-subshell (p x, p y, p z), into which we need to place 4 arrows

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Northrop Grumman solves the toughest problems in space, aeronautics, defense and cyberspace. Our 97,000 employees are Defining Possible every day using science, technology and engineering to create and deliver advanced systems, products and services Moving Progress Forward. With 39 combined years of professional service experience utilizing the methodologies set forth by the Project Management Institute, Orbital Project Management, LLC stands as a first-class business poised to move the energy and utility industry into the future due to the size of the orbital files, it may take several seconds for the orbitals to appear,: only the total electron density is shown for each orbital (i.e., the phases for each orbital are not shown), and: when a hybrid orbital is depicted in a textbook, the shape of the orbital is often exaggerated (elongated) to illustrate the directionality of the orbital along a particular axis, or.

Nonspecific orbital inflammation (NSOI), also known as orbital inflammatory pseudotumor, idiopathic orbital inflammation ( IOI)and orbital inflammatory syndrome is the most common cause of painful orbital mass in adults.[1] NSOI can be localized or diffuse. When localized, inflammation can affect the extraocular muscles (orbital myositis), lacrimal gland (dacryoadenitis), sclera (scleritis. For me Orbital would be one of the most overrated artists in the electronic scene. I am not saying this to get a rise out of fans etc etc their live shows are great not doubt but 95% of their musically output has always left me underwhelmed

p x-orbital x-axis z-axis y-axis H X H C 2 Rotation about the C 2's that do not coincide with the x- or y-axes, causes the p x -orbital to take on some p y -orbital character In fact, rotation about the C 2 axis that bisects the x- and y-axes converts the p x -orbital into the p y -orbital.This indicates that these two orbitals Mae 'na dri orbital p, un am bob echelin. Felly, gelwir y rhain orbital p x, p y a p z. Gan fod e'n bosib cael dau electron mewn un orbital, gallwch gael chwe electron yn y tri orbital yma. Oherwydd eu cymesuredd, mae gan yr orbitalau p x, p y a p z, yr un egni. Cofiwch fod ni 'n tynnu blwch i gynrychioli un orbital is called Molecular Orbital Theory. parallel 2p/2p pi S S The extent of overlap depends on the internuclear separation, the nature of the orbitals involved (s, p, or d), and their relative orientation. perpendicular 2p/2p have zero overlap by symmetry S = 0 S = 0 Orbital Insight analyzes billions of geospatial data points with machine learning so you can see the world as it truly is. Act with confidence on objective, timely, and transparent geospatial analytics p-Orbital : German - English translations and synonyms (BEOLINGUS Online dictionary, TU Chemnitz

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Orbital cellulitis is defined as a serious infection that involves the muscle and fat located within the orbit. It is also sometimes referred to as postseptal cellulitis. Orbital cellulitis does not involve the globe itself. Although orbital cellulitis can occur at any age, it is more common in the pediatric population[1].The causative organisms of orbital cellulitis are commonly bacterial but. All p orbitals have the same shape - dumbbell. However, as the principle quantum number increases for a given type of orbital (e.g., 1 s, 2 s, 3 s, etc. or 2 p, 3 p, 4 p, etc.), the orbitals increase in size and add one additional node at each next energy level The orbital period is the time it takes the object to travel the circumference of its orbit (for a circle, the circumference = 2pr, where p is approximately 3.1416). Recall that speed = (distance travelled)/time, so the speed v = the circumference of the orbit/orbital period

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Orbital Bullet is a fast paced 360° action-platformer with rogue-lite elements, where all actions take place in a circular pattern. Fight your way through a variety of procedural planets and use body modifications, crafting and heavy weaponry. Kill. Die. Modify Figure 9.48: (a) The p molecular orbital system in benzene is formed by combining the six p orbitals from the six sp2 hybridized carbon atoms. (b) The electrons in the resulting p molecular orbitals are delocalized over the entire ring of carbon atoms, giving six equivalent bonds. A composite of these orbitals is represented here. Outcomes of.

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The lower part of Table I also lists some less common NBO types. These include unfilled valence nonbonding orbitals of lone vacancy (LV) type, as exemplified by the unfilled valence 2p B orbital of boron in BH 3, as well as the 3-center bonds (τ ABC) and antibonds (τ* ABC; actually, two for each τ ABC) of B 2 H 6 and related hypovalent species, as illustrated in Figure 4 Hydrosat, a company planning to create a thermal infrared map of Earth, announced an agreement Dec. 9 with Loft Orbital to launch its first satellite mission in early 2022 Infective. See the separate Orbital and Preseptal Cellulitis article (this includes details on the less serious condition of preseptal cellulitis).; Hydatid cyst.In parts of Africa, particularly Northern Kenya, hydatid disease is common, and it may cause proptosis. Very careful surgical excision can be performed, but it is important not to rupture the cyst Media accreditation is open for prelaunch and launch activities for NASA's Boeing Orbital Flight Test-2 (OFT-2) mission to the International Space Station, the second uncrewed flight test of the company's CST-100 Starliner spacecraft for NASA's Commercial Crew Program.. Liftoff on the United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket with Starliner is targeted for 2:53 p.m. EDT Friday, July 30, from. Skip to Content.

Orbital p biasanya terlibat dalam ikatan sejenis ini. Orbital d juga dianggap terlibat dalam ikatan pi, tetapi tidaklah seperlunya benar, walaupun konsep ikatan orbital d sesuai dengan hipervalensi. Ikatan pi biasanya lebih lemah dari ikatan sigma karena rapatan elektronnya lebih jauh dari inti atom yang bermuatan positif, sehingga memerlukan lebih banyak energi Orbital, Debaser Medis 15 november 2012 Betyg: 4. Mörkret var tjockt i lokalen ändå undgick det inte någon när bröderna Paul och Phil Hartnoll klev på scenen till Time Becomes hackande loop. De var iförda lysande hjälmar vilket gjorde att de såg ut som rejvande gruvarbetare bakom all utrustning FBP Orbital will introduce two types of Orbital Factories for all Factions. The first one is a Planetary Orbital Factory, which can be build on Land or/and on Water (Depending on the Faction). These Factories are able to build next to of the Orbital.. Make sketches of each hybrid orbital: a. s p b. s p^{2} c. 5 p^{3} d. s p^{3} d e. s p^{3} d^{2} Hurry, space in our FREE summer bootcamps is running out.

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RYOBI introduces the 2.6 Amp Corded 5 in. Random Orbital Sander. The RYOBI 5 in. Random Orbit Sander runs on a powerful 2.6 Amp motor and 12,500 OPM (orbits per minute) to deliver a smooth performanc The DEWALT DWE6423K 5 in. Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander is ideal for sanding applications on wood, metal and plastic. This sander features a 3 Amp motor that spins the pad at 8,000 to 12,000 OPM View the Mod DB (F.B.P.) Orbital mod for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance image Aeon Tech 1 Spacepor

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